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Saturday, August 21, 2010

These Days

I just feel so busy these days. I hardly have a moment to breathe. I know that's normal now that I'm a "workin' girl" but it doesn't make it any better! lol
I do have to say that I am really enjoying the school year so far. There have been many challenges, but I'm always up for a challenge. I think it's the problem solver in me.
I have been feeling like I have been neglecting Milly and Shelby. I certainly don't mean to, but I just have such limited time with them. I know that most dogs have people who work all day and this is really a normal dog life- but it's not their "normal" life. They are used to having me and Jake home most of the time. Jake is still home with them right now and I can tell they are relying on him more (as they should) and, to be honest, it makes me a tad jealous. I know we all have had to make changes and will continue to adjust as the year goes on... I'm just so surrounded by changes right now that sometimes I just want something old and normal and comforting. Ya know?
I have spent nearly my entire Saturday working on school stuff. Not so fun, but I feel very proud of myself for having accomplished so much in such a short time. I tend to be one who starts things, walks away, forgets what I was doing, and figures it out later that week when I find the pile of papers I left randomly somewhere and Jake put away. So, the fact that I have fully accomplished four major school projects this weekend is awesome!
I hope that tomorrow I will be able to relax and enjoy my weekend. We'll see.
I know I'm not on here much anymore, but I appreciate that you still read and some leave comments, etc. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


  1. Oh sweet girl I know exactly what you mean.....I have always worked nights so I was always home during the day with my girls....In Feb. I got day hours, and well....I am back to night hours...I could not stand leaving my dogs home alone all day, I worried they'd dig out of the yard, and I hated leaving the doggie door closed all day and them stuck in the, back to nights I go and we are all feeling better about it!! I understand busy fact, I still have your box here to mail out and have not done it, This next week I promise....but I have to you have a new address or is the one I have OK???
    Take care, enjoy your Sunday....and I have enjoyed reading on your other blog about your hard work and classroom....take care!

  2. Reading this post jsut got Parental Unit motivated to start her school work-first classes in only 10 days!

    Your buddy,

  3. My husband works and I stay home. I'm dying to go somewhere and get a break from the dogs and it drives him crazy that he doesn't see them. Sounds like there will be some adjustment, for you and your dogs. They will be OK. May take a little time, but you will figure out a new routine and they will just be glad to see you.

    Thanks for reminding me how my husband is feeling. Sometimes being on the other end of the spectrum I may not always be so sensitive to him missing the dogs.

    Hope your new job is everything you want and more!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    My mom person knows exactly how your feel, she is home with me all the time & I hate it when she has to go away.

    Oskar & his mom person Pam